1.             Will the accepted full-papers be directly published in the Scopus  Journal?

The paper will be published to Scopus Journal after writer/author completed the reviewing process (with ASIA). The reviewing process may take 4-12 months. Some could take less, depend on the match between the paper’s and the journal’s theme.

2.             When is the latest date for the full paper to be submitted?

18 October 2017

3.             Is the USD200 early bird fee covers the publication cost?

The USD200 early bird’s fee covers  only the main conference (on October 17, 2017) and cultural night including dinner  or the virtual conference (18th of October 2017).

4.             Is it compulsory to join the Pre-Conference?

Pre-Conference is an optional event created as an advantage for you to enhance research methodologies and to conduct networking as a researcher. The fee  USD 50 for 2 sessions, or USD 30 / each session.

5.             What is the conference’s theme?


6.             When is the latest date to register on social program?

Preferably the 10 October 2017, but if the seat is available we still accept registration on the spot.

7.             Why do we have to join the cultural night?

Cultural Night is the peak of the event, when the committee will announce the winner of ; 5 SLIDES-5 MINUTES & Poster presentation. The program will introduce Indonesian culture in the form of art of performances and Indonesian menus.


8.             How do we choose the type of participation?

Participant will choose his/her participation type (Normal Paper Presentation (10 minutes) / 5 Slides-5 Minutes / Poster Presentation during the submission process. The participants for 5 slides 5 minutes (5S 5M) and poster presentation will be eligible to enter the best presentation competition.


9.             What is Virtual Conference?

For the participants who cannot join the main conference which will be held at IPMI International Business School – Jakarta – Indonesia, they may still conduct a virtual presentation session on October 18, 2017 through online presentation.